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Transition Stage ~ Birthing A New You

 Its funny, Ive never been one who is lost for words or writing thoughts down but its like my tongue has been severed. The words all stir around in my mind but never fall out onto the page either blogging or even personally in a journal. Hence why you rarely see updates on here … Continue reading

I have a confession 

 I have a confession. Its surprised me actually. As though it has snuck up on me. Its not like its something new though, its just that my awareness has been refined and magnified so much that its unravelled. To be honest, its probably been there all my life. Maybe that’s why Ive been directed … Continue reading


It’s been hectic and overwhelming. So many people seeking and searching for the light, that respite. It’s been a tough number of months, not just personally but as a whole, globally, even universally. I’m not just speaking about myself or clients that I see. Every person I speak to: relatives, friends and colleagues are all … Continue reading

The post about nothing.

Yes, I know its taking me longer than usual to get these posts out isn’t it?  So this is the post about nothing. Not that I don’t have plenty to say, not that there hasn’t been a lot of thinking and not that I don’t have blog posts coming out of my ears but…I don’t know where … Continue reading


Sometimes things happen that rock you to your core. Make you question every part of your cellular being…and then make you question again. Fuq make you question and find no answers for weeks on end. Not only do you process the event that occurred but it’s one almighty reset button, which I spoke of here. … Continue reading

Bringing Little Spirit ~ Feelings #8

Writing or Drawing. Allow feelings and emotions to be expressed in a way that feels comfortable for the child or youth. Sometimes feelings are difficult to articulate, sometimes it’s helpful for the young person to process feelings by drawing about them or writing them down. Other times drawing and writing can facilitate further discussion and … Continue reading

Bringing Little Spirit ~ Feelings #6

Containment. It’s important to provide a safe, calm, supportive space and ear for feelings to be heard. Children and youth cope best when they know they can release their emotions and feel safe. They cope less effectively and at times act out if they are feeling the opposite and not emotionally secure with their parent … Continue reading

Bringing Little Spirit ~ Feelings #5

Identify a circle of friends/people who help with their feelings. Like adults, children and youth feel comfortable talking about certain topics with particular people and with who they can identify or feel the person will be able to understand them or help them most. If its not you as their primary carer that’s okay, as … Continue reading

Bringing Little Spirit ~ Feelings #4

Draw in a dream bubble {as pictured below} This gives the opportunity to express worries or feelings in a safe way without being overwhelmed. A dream doesn’t feel as much of a reality and therefore the child/youth {even adults} can distance themselves while still being able to process their thoughts and connect to their feelings. … Continue reading

Bringing Little Spirit ~ Feelings #3

Read books that explain & discuss feelings. It’s a great way to give an opportunity to express emotions. By reading the story each child or adolescent can compare their own feeling state and emotions, see whether it is the same or different and to explain how it is for them. Stories also help children to … Continue reading

Moon Cycle

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