Contact Me: bringingspirit@hotmail.com

Please contact Cath on the above email address with any questions or enquiries.

She will endeavour to return your email promptly.

A qualified Psychologist and Holistic Practitioner. She is available for therapeutic sessions, speaking appearances and freelance writing with articles, opinion pieces and guest blogging.


Cath currently practices as a psychologist at The Clarendon Clinic in South Melbourne. You can book an appointment with her by phoning (03) 9690 7666.

With 15 years experience as a clinical and counselling psychologist within psychiatric settings and private practice, Cath breathes fresh air into complex problems with her therapeutic approach and holistic view when working with presenting issues. With a less conservative approach you will finally feel understood and shift long standing obstructions bringing you closer to yourself and truth.

Please contact the clinic to obtain an appointment or further information.




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